Dakota Jessen


Dakota dreams of running a creative empire, LOOK is that empire. He started LOOK when he was twelve as a "gloving" team, but years past and he molded it into more of a creative collective. He wanted to have musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, and any type of person who dreams of expressing themselves creatively. 

Fast forward to 2016, Dakota met Sam and Keith at school, in radio and audio production class. From then on the dream of LOOK grew even larger, but nothing was really rolling the way he wanted it to. Music would get released, but it wasn't really anything he was passionate about; it wasn't what he wanted LOOK to be.

Dakota waited and worked for two more years until mid 2018 to really put LOOK into effect. By the end of 2018 Dakota hopes to release multiple music projects, a clothing collection, and a short film under LOOK

"This is only the beginning"


Alex Chavira




Sam Muller



Sam has a girlfriend.


Zach Marcellino



Zach dances.


Quidia Lee



Quidia Lee A.K.A "YOUNG PROVEL" has many talents. In high school he started off wanting to be a producer and a singer, but he noticed that wasn't enough for him. His passion for fashion and art grew in his last years of high school. YOUNG PROVEL has spent 2018 creating ideas for his art. 2019 is going to be the year YOUNG PROVEL takes off. 

YOUNG PROVEL was the first "LOOK" member and He hopes to build the "LOOK" empire with Dakota and the rest of the crew.


Colby Martinez



Colby goes to film school.


Keith King


Keith King is a Multi-faceted artist from Queen creek, Arizona. Keith took an  interest in music at the young age of 11  in Suffolk, Virginia when  He joined the school orchestra program. Shortly after moving from Virginia to Utah, He took an interest in the Hip Hop genre.

 Keith then moved to Arizona, where got his first music production software at the age of fourteen.  During his Junior year of high school, at the age of 16, Keith met his soon to be friends Dakota, and Q. 

Keith was putting out music around that time that caught the eye of Dakota who around that time was beginning to put together a collective of creatives. Keith was quickly brought into the group, called "LOOK", under which he continues to create content to this very day. 

“If you don’t know what I’m up to, take a LOOK around.”